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Ex-Liverpool star Murphy opens up drug addiction after retirement

by Cy

Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy opens up his drug addiction after struggling to transition from his post-playing football career.

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Murphy reveals drug addiction

Murphy, 47, told the Ben Heath Podcast that he turned to drugs when he faced problems outside football.

“When you don’t have football, problems become huge,” he said.

“The adrenaline and dopamine, all these things keep you forward-thinking and energetic.”

“When you’ve got issues, without football these issues become huge, they’re like mountains.

“When you were playing they were fine, because you had finances coming in, you also had support from everyone and anyone.”

While Murphy did not become an alcoholic, he admitted to using drugs such as cocaine and marijuana.

“I had a spell on cocaine and smoking some weed. The drink, I could live without it. I wasn’t an alcoholic. I could sit in a house with alcohol and not drink it,” he said.

“For a while I was [addicted to cocaine]. I got to the point where I thought I couldn’t do things without it. Which was nonsense, of course I could.”

“You manage it initially, you might do it once a week, twice a week, give yourself an extra third day. Eventually it builds up and grabs hold of you.”

Murphy’s career

Murphy retired in 2013 after 417 Premier League appearances and nine caps for England.

Aside from Liverpool, Murphy also suited up for Fulham, Tottenham, Charlton Athletic, and Blackburn Rovers.

The veteran midfielder began seeking help in 2017, and he now works as a broadcaster for BBC Sport.

Murphy said therapy helped him overcome his drug addiction.

“Therapy was good… you’ve got to be prepared to go deep and not everyone is, because you’ve got to be in for an emotional rollercoaster in therapy,” he shared.

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