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Fans should respect Kohli’s decision to ‘step back,’ says Hussain

by Noe

The decision of Virat Kohli to skip India’s Tests against England should be respected, according to a former English captain.

Stepping back from the game is something athletes should do to clear their minds, said Nasser Hussain. The wear and tear players – cricketers in particular – experience can be too much to bear, he noted.

“My first thought is that we wish Virat well. He’s taken a step back for personal reasons, and everyone should respect that,” Hussain said.

“Some things are more important than cricket,” he added.

Kohli told the Board of Control for Cricket in India that he will be missing India’s first two Tests against England. That meant the 35-year-old international cricketer won’t make the trip to Hyderabad on Thursday and at Visakhapatnam next week.

While Hussain felt sorry for India missing Kohli’s services, the current British cricket commentator understands the situation of Indian cricketers.

“Being at the World Cup late last year was a reminder of the claustrophobic lives these Indian players lead,” Hussain said.

The former Essex star admires cricketers for learning to “balance the amount they play, all over the world.”

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