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Revealed! Memphis Depay paid $1.08 Million bail for Dani Alves

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Memphis Depay paid $1.08 to bail Dani Alves

Memphis Depay paid over $1m to bail Dani Alves out of prison after the former Barcelona defender had been sentenced to a four-and-a-half year for sexual assault.

Yesterday, the Brazilian legend walked out of the prison, not so proudly, as a free man for the first time. This reprieve came at a hefty price of exactly $1.08 million from Alves’ guardian angel, Depay.

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The now-Atletico winger emerged as the unexpected savior, paying the massive bail fee to free his former teammate from prison.

Both shared the locker room briefly at Camp Nou after Alves left for UNAM Pumas and played for the Catalan side as a free transfer. There had been rumors that Neymar, whom Alves reached at first, paid the amount.

Memphis Depay paid 1m euro to bail Alves out of prison
Memphis Depay paid 1m euro to bail Dani Alves out of prison

However, paying the sum will only solve Alves’ case if his bail comes with certain obligations.

What Dani Alves would need to obey following his bail?

According to the reports, the court granted their request but laid down three specific terms and conditions for Alves’ bail. To begin with, Alves must appear in court weekly to register his presence. The 40-year-old affirmed his commitment and said, “I believe in justice. I’m not going to run away, and I will be at the court’s disposal until the end.”

The court’s directive that Alves surrender both his Spanish and Brazilian passports prevents him from departing Spain. Additionally, a restraining order prohibits Alves from being within a kilometer of the victim. In light of these developments and Memphis Depay’s support, Dani Alves would like to start the next phase of his life with a fresh purpose.

Why Alves could not afford his own bail?

Alves is among the most decorated players in football history. Still, he has hit rock bottom since the sexual assault case.

He, in fact, once the third-highest-paid defender, is now being convicted of sexual assault. Dani Alves’ fall from grace has been just unfortunate to watch. A legal battle that started a year ago – when Alves was accused in January 2023 – saw Catalonia’s highest court sentenced him to four-and-a-half years in prison on February 22.

This battle has slowly erased the player from history, with sponsors and organizations cutting ties with him. The past year hasn’t been good for him, reputationally or financially.

A few days ago, Dani Alves’s prosecutor said:

“Alves’ soccer wealth is very high. He is one of the best players in history. He still has the economic capacity or friends who have it.” 

However, the Brazilian legend’s financial troubles have risen in the past few months, with Alves star reportedly seeking monetary aid from ex-teammate Neymar Jr. He also appointed a senior lawyer from Neymar Sr.’s companies, Gustavo Xisto. But the aid has yet to do anything to resolve his situation, with Alves’ finances dropping with each passing day.

Lawyer Ines Guardiola is representing the former Barcelona defender. Per a report by OneFootball, Alves’ net worth has taken a massive dip, with the player’s lawyer revealing his frugal condition in a past hearing. “Alves’ lawyer claimed that her client had a bank balance of negative $21,500 and legal embargo on $54,000 worth of assets.” Despite owning several businesses and investments, the past year behind bars has seen his $60 million financial empire collapse as dominos.

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