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CSK coach says MS Dhoni battling through knee injury

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Chennai Super Kings bowling consultant Eric Simmons confirmed that batting star MS Dhoni has been battling a knee injury.

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Dhoni’s stellar batting

Dhoni, 42, recently led CSK to a 20-run win over Mumbai Indian on Sunday, thanks to his late blitz.

With the recent victory, CSK now holds the third spot in the IPL points table.

“They’re looking at restricting us to under 200 and then they’re suddenly facing 206 with an over like that. Every time — we live close to him — he continues to amaze us. To go out there and hit the first ball like that for six and then continue the way he does,” Simmons said.

“But he has been batting exceptionally well in the nets. Just another unbelievable MS Dhoni moment.”

The South African coach shared Dhoni has been the “batting template” for CSK to test their bowling skills at the death overs.

“His calmness at the wicket… we use him as a batting template when we’re bowling at the death, the pre-season because he’s so good at it. If we can test out our theories against him, then we know we’re going to do well,” he said.

Dhoni remains solid despite the knee injury

Simmons admitted that Dhoni has been battling a knee injury, but he knows how to play through it.

He added that the public is more concerned about the severity of his injury than Dhoni himself.

“Everyone else is more interested in his injuries than he is. He’s one of the hardest men I’ve ever come across. I don’t even think we know to what extent he may or may not be in pain. He just carries on and does his thing,” he said.

“I’m sure there’s some niggles. He just has that ability to ignore what it is and do what needs to be done. We’re more concerned about his injuries. When I say we, I mean the public (which) is more concerned about his injuries than he is.”

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