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Praveen Kumar Escapes Unharmed in Meerut Car Accident

by Jeff
Praveen Kumar Escapes Unharmed in Meerut Car Accident

Former Indian cricket player Praveen Kumar had a close call on the night of July 4th in Meerut when he encountered a car accident. Thankfully, Praveen and his son emerged from the crash without injuries and are safe and sound.

The incident occurred near the Meerut commissioner’s bungalow when a speeding car collided with Praveen’s Land Rover. Prompt action from the gathered crowd led to the apprehension of the alleged driver, while the local police took custody of the canter involved.

The Civil Line police station arrived swiftly at the location after getting informed. Praveen Kumar was driving his Land Rover and was returning from Pandav Nagar when the incident happened. Fortunately, he and his son were unharmed. The canter driver was taken into custody once the police arrived.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Praveen has been in an accident. Back in 2007, during a homecoming reception organized in Meerut, Praveen fell from his open Jeep, resulting in minor injuries.

Praveen Kumar’s ability to escape unscathed from this recent accident highlights the importance of road safety. It serves as a reminder to everyone to prioritize responsible driving and remain cautious on the roads.

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