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Ronaldo under fire for obscene gesture

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Cristiano Ronaldo is under fire on social media after he seemingly made an obscene gesture following the Al Nassr’s 3-2 win over Al Shabab.

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Ronaldo’s in trouble for obscene gesture

During the match, chants of “Messi” reverberate in the background, referencing Ronaldo’s long-time football rival Lionel Messi.

After the final whistle, the Portuguese forward took the chance to mock the opposing fans by making an obscene hand gesture towards his groin area.

The said gesture from Ronaldo did not appear in a TV broadcast, but the video went viral on the internet, which sparked an outrage in local media.

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) said they have launched an investigation.

“The disciplinary committee is facing the biggest test. We will wait and see,” Waleed Al Farraj, a prominent Saudi writer and television host, said on X.

“Everything has its limits, no matter how famous you are. This is how the major leagues are.”

The 39-year-old Ronaldo opened the floodgates with a 21st-minute penalty, but Al Nassr needed two late goals from Brazilian Talisca to seal the deal.

Ronaldo also faced similar criticism regarding his questionable gesture.

In April 2023, he appeared to grab his crotch on his way to the dugout after Al Nassr’s 2-0 loss to Al Hilal.

Just a month ago, Ronaldo picked up an Al Hilal scarf thrown at him from the stands, rubbed it in his shorts, and then threw it away.

Ronaldo, who signed with Al Nassr in 2022, currently leads the Saudi league’s scoring board with 22 goals in 20 appearances this season.

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