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Dasgupta: Sharma ‘should play for the pride of the team’

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Ex-India star Deep Dasgupta said Mumbai Indians star Rohit Sharma should play for ‘pride’ amid the team’s IPL 2024 campaign almost done.

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Sharma should play for ‘pride’

The Indian team has faced a disappointing season under Sharma and team captain Hardik Pandya.

Despite Mumbai Indians’ unlikely qualification for the playoffs, former India cricketer Deep Dasgupta feels there’s still ‘pride’ to play for.

Dasgupta has encouraged Sharma and his teammates to end their IPL campaign on a high note.

“You are playing for the pride of the team, you are playing as a professional cricketer, and you are playing for your pride as well. You don’t want to play a game and not want to perform. Everytime you cross the line, you want to do your best,” Dasgupta told Star Sports.

There are reports that Sharma could decide to leave the franchise after the season, with Pandya now leading MI.

Still, Dasgupta believes the next year’s IPL mega auction should give the 37-year-old a reason to perform well.

“Let’s not forget that next year is the big auction,” he said. This is the last few opportunities that all the professional cricketers have. Even if the team is not going to qualify, at least to put up a good show and tell everyone, ‘You know what, I am there.”

Besides the IPL auction, Sharma should also look forward to the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024, where he will serve as the captain of the Indian team.

“He is such an integral part of the team since he is the captain, but he sets the tone as well at the top of the order. That’s what he has been doing for the last year and a half,” he added.

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