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Ex-India star Chopra sides with Hanuma Vihari amid fight with ACA

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Former India cricketer Aakash Chopra took sides with Hanuma Vihari amid the ongoing fight between him and the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA).

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Alleged ‘mistreatment’ from ACA

Vihari said on social media that he would never play for Andhra due to “mistreatment” by the association.

 ACA asked Vihari to resign as captain after he shouted at his teammate.

The said teammate happens to be the son of a politician.

Vihari also posted a copy of his allegations, along with signatures from his teammates stating that he should continue as team captain.

However, ACA claimed that the players were “under threat”.

Chopra supports Vihari

Chopra said that there is a “blame game” from both sides, but he expressed his support to Vihari.

“Mud-slinging is happening, the blame game is happening from both sides,” Chopra said on his YouTube channel.

“From a players’ fraternity, you want to trust the player always. Hanuma Vihari is not just any player. He batted for Andhra with one hand when he had a fracture in his hand,”

“I have huge respect for him, whether it was the Sydney match where he played with a torn hamstring and put his career on the line, and then he batted one-handed for Andhra. I would want to actually believe Hanuma Vihari’s version,” he added.

Meanwhile, ACA accused Vihari for creating “class difference” within the team.

The association said that a  few players complaining about his misbehaviour and use of foul language.

“Moreover, players had previously complained to the Andhra Team Managers Association that Vihari used foul language and misbehaved with fellow players during the Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament.

It was stated that due to the behaviour of Hanuma Vihari, there was a class difference in the team.”

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