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Indonesian footballer dies after being struck by lightning

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An Indonesian footballer died after being struck by lightning while playing a match.

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The victim, named Septain Raharja, collapsed after the incident during a friendly match in West Java.

The 35-year-old was playing an away game for FBI Subang against 2 FLO FC Bandung.

According to Indonesia’s PRFM News, Raharja was rushed to the hospital but succumbed soon afterward.

The CCTV footage of the unfortunate incident has gone viral on social media.

One 2 FLO FC Bandung player named GJ said the lightning from a monsoon thunderstorm first hit an earthing rod.

“Once the lightning struck the rod, the second time it hit the victim’s leg,” he said.

“From there, there started to be lots of lightning. The victim fell.”

GJ said the match still went through since the weather was fair right before kick-off.

“It was hot at the start of the game, but it was already raining in the south and east. It was still hot on the field. That’s why we dared to play.”

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