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Joe Root sets ‘high expectations’ ahead of 5th Test vs India

by Cy

England’s Joe Root sets “high expectations” for himself ahead of their fifth and final Test match over India in Dharamshala.

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Root, 33, has scored 210 runs with an average of 30.00 and a strike rate of 45.16. 

However, India owns a 3-1 Test series lead over England.

The star batter knows that he underperformed in the last four Test matches.

“I have high expectations of myself and until that last Test match. I was way below where I want to be,” Root said on the Sky Sports podcast.

Root also said he scored much fewer runs than he expected.

“I felt short of runs, I felt like I’d not contributed how I’d expect myself to and how I wanted to coming into the tour. It’s a part of the world I love batting in and I’ve had previous success here,” he added.

“I tried to just play the game in front of me. I looked at that situation and those conditions there [in Ranchi], and it didn’t need anything flamboyant. It needed someone to be a constant throughout and try to keep a calm feel to things.”

Despite receiving mixed opinions about his performance, Root said he will continue to play the game the he knows best.

“People will have their own opinions on how I’ve got out through this series and what is best for me. I will continue playing the way I think is best for any given situation. No-one knows my game as well as I do.”

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