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Kohli explains why he stayed with RCB despite getting huge offers

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Virat Kohli explained his decision to stay with Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) despite receiving huge offers from other IPL teams.

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Kohli remains loyal with RCB

Kohli joined the franchise as an 18-year-old ahead of the inception of IPL in 2008.

Since then, Kohli has established himself as an RCB legend.

However, the right-handed batsman has yet to win an IPL trophy in his 16-year career.

Kohli was asked on a video uploaded on RCB’s YouTube channel if he ever thought of seeking greener pasture.

The 35-year-old said he wanted to remain with RCB despite getting lucrative offers from other teams.

“To be very honest, I have thought about it. Yes, I won’t shy away from it and I’ve been approached many times as well to come into the auction somehow, put my name in there and stuff,” he said.

“Then I thought about it. I was like at the end of the day, everyone has X number of years they live right and then you die and then life moves on.”

Loyalty over everything

For Kohli, his loyalty to the franchise is bigger than winning an IPL title.

“And there would have been many great people who want trophies and this that blah blah blah. But no one addresses you in the room like “Oh he’s an IPL champion” or “he’s a World Cup champion,” he explained.

“And it’s like if you’re a good person, people like you and if you’re a bad guy, they stay away from you. Eventually, that’s what life is all about.”

“For me, the understanding that the loyalty with RCB is like how I follow my life is far greater for me than the fact that yes five people in the room would say, ‘Oh finally you’ve won the IPL with whoever XYZ.'”

“You feel good for five minutes. But then the sixth minute you could be miserable with some other issue in life, so it is not the end of the world for me.”

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