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Man United to tap finance guru to address PSR issues

by Noe
Man United to tap financial guru to address PSR issues

Manchester United will rely on the services of a finance manager to address its profit and sustainability rules (PSR) issues.

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United, sources said, will have to go through “tight” finances ahead of the summer transfer window.

A “minor breach”  of Financial Sustainability Regulations has forced the club to pay €300,000 ($326,000).

United was fined by UEFA in July last year.

The hiring of a financial manager, sources told ESPN, aims to ensure United will comply with the Premier League’s PSR.


The recent point deductions handed out to Everton and Nottingham Forest have been an eye-opener for United, says chief operating officer Collette Roche in December.

New United co-owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe is also aware of these developments amid the club’s plans to build a new stadium in Manchester.

“One of the new issues in football is FFP (Financial Security Regulations) where you have to live within your means so the more means you’ve got the better you can live in a way,” Ratcliff told the Cyclin Club podcast.

“The future of football isn’t going to be going to the game and then going home,” he added.

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