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Managers who confirmed their fates: Xabi Alonso, Xavi, Klopp and more

by Tom
Top managers and their fates: Xavi, Xabi, Klopp and more

Xabi Alonso, Jurgen Klopp, Danielle de Rossi, Xavi and more managers have their decisions on whether to stay or leave at the end of the 2023/24 season.

It has been a marvelous football season, with Bayer Leverkusen crowned Bundesliga champions for the first time. All English Premier League sides were washed out of European competitions, as Jurgen Klopp also decided to leave after almost a decade managing Liverpool.

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The current performance has massively affected the managers’ decisions, but who will stay and leave? Let’s find out.

Xabi Alonso – Staying

The Spanish tactician is the hottest name right now; there’s no doubt about that.

Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen now has the longest EVER unbeaten streak from teams in the top 5 leagues – 44 games and the way they won the Bundesliga is simply out of the world.

  • 44 games, 38 wins, 6 draws, 0 losses

But not just that, what could even bring more happiness to the German side is that their manager decided to stay beyond the 2023/24 season.

Xavi – Leaving

Early in 2024, the Catalan side received shocking news about Xavi. The Spanish manager confirmed he will leave Barcelona at the end of the current La Liga season.

His side suffered a shock 5-3 loss to Villarreal then. “I want to announce that on June 30, I will not continue as coach of Barcelona,” the former Spain international said. “I decided a few days ago, but it’s time. The club needs a change of dynamic.”

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Xavi will leave Barcelona
Xavi will leave Barcelona

The 44-year-old said he would not hesitate to resign from the club he used to captain if he no longer felt his players supported him.

Barca lost 4-2 to Athletic Club in their current poor run of form, and they crashed out of the Copa del Rey at the quarter-final stage.

Xavi was appointed manager in November 2021, replacing Ronald Koeman in the dugout.

He guided Barca to their first league title since 2019 in his first season in charge and advanced to the quarter-final in the second season before being eliminated by PSG.

Jurgen Klopp – Leaving

Also, at the beginning of 2024, Jurgen Klopp announced his decision to depart. Early on January 26, a surprising call for a meeting happened at Liverpool’s office.

During a 25-minute interview, Klopp announced his decision to step down as Liverpool manager at the end of the current season, having informed the club’s ownership of his wish to leave his position when the 2023-24 campaign ends.

's 9-year journey with Liverpool ends this season
Klopp ends his 9-year journey with Liverpool after this season

During the meeting, the football manager outlined his reasons for leaving. “My energy source is not endless,” he explained, implying that his general well-being had diminished over time.

After nine years with the Champions League, Premier League, and more titles, it’s fair to say that Klopp won it all for the English side.

Danielle de Rossi – Staying

Took charge after Jose Mourinho left, the former International star had a space to fill. And De Rossi has been doing great, bringing his team closer to the second Europa League final in two seasons. And before the clash with Milan in the quarter-final’s second leg, De Rossi announced his staying.

“The announcement? It means that I am here to stay and continue serving as Roma’s head coach. It’s also a way of saying that not everything depends on tonight. For me it’s a huge confidence boost.

De Rossi and Roma qualified for Europa League semi-final
De Rossi and Roma qualified for Europa League semi-final

“My staff and I convinced the President in 3 months and doing so before this match is a gigantic demonstration of trust. I haven’t had time to celebrate this announcement because my mind is only focused on Milan.”

After that, Roma beat league rivals Milan to advance to the Europa League semi-final. What a way to prove his worth.

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