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Mbappe warns NBA-like load management amid increasing games

by Cy
Mbappe warns NBA-like load management amid increasing games

Kylian Mbbape expressed his thoughts over European football games “getting closer to an NBA model.”

In an interview with GQ Sports, the 25-year-old French said that he could see some players adapting the controversial NBA-style load management.

“Personally I am not against playing so much, but we will not be able to be good every time and give the audience the expected show. 

“In the NBA, players do not play every match, and franchises practice load management.”

“But, today, if I decided to say, ‘I’m tired, I’m not playing on Saturday,’ it wouldn’t work.”

Mbappe, who had his fair share of injuries during the 2022-23 season, played in 63 games for Paris Saint-Germain and the France national team.

Unlike other NBA superstars who have used their load-management perks, Mbappe will most likely see himself playing more games across all competitions, including the Euro 2024 in Germany.

The PSG superstar striker first sustained a hamstring injury in February, which kept him out for three weeks. He also went out with an ankle injury in September. 

“I don’t want to preach, but we need to think together about how to offer the best possible solution so that players, spectators and football’s governing bodies can all embrace it.”

Mbappe, who has six months left on his contract with PSG, has been linked to transfer rumors about his move to Real Madrid.

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