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Probe set after liquor recovered from U-23 cricketers in India

by Noe

Liquor bottles were recovered from five Under-23 cricketers in India, prompting a local association to launch an investigation.

The U-23 cricketers were heading back to Rajkot from Chandigarh when authorities found the liquor bottles. Officials later seized the items, at the Chandigarh Airport, according to the Saurashtra Cricket Association (SCA) on Monday.

The incident occurred after Saurashtra defeated hosts Chandigarh in the CK Nayudu Trophy last Thursday.

Prashamn Rajdev, Samarth Gajjar, Rakshit Mehta, Parshwaraj Rana, and Smitraj Jhalani are in hot water. The five players, reports said, secretly kept 27 liquor bottles and two cases of beer on their cricket kits.

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“There has been an alleged incident at Chandigarh that was brought to notice at Saurashtra Cricket Association,” the SCA said in a statement.

“The alleged incident is unfortunate and intolerable,” it added.

The SCA’s Ethics/Disciplinary Committee & Apex Council of Saurashtra Cricket Association vowed to make an “in-depth” probe of the incident.

The association also vowed to look at all sides of the story before it “shall take proper disciplinary action” on the involved cricketers.

The public is not allowed to carry liquor or alcoholic drinks in Gujarat since it’s a dry state.

However, the state government issues permits to visitors who can buy their alcoholic drinks from its dedicated outlets.

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