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Shocking! Man City could be BANNED for financial breaches

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Manchester City are facing allegations of multiple financial rule breaches by the Premier League.

The investigation has been ongoing for four years and the Premier League claimed that the breaches took place over nine seasons from 2009 to 2018.

During this time, Manchester City, owned by Abu Dhabi Group, won five Premier League titles, six EFL Cups, two FA Cups and four Community Shields.

The Premier League listed more than 100 breaches in areas such as “accurate financial information” and “sponsorship revenue.”

A commission will investigate the club’s finances after it was taken over by Abu Dhabi-affiliated companies in 2009.

The punishment could range from a points deduction to exclusion from the Premier League.

Manchester City has expressed surprise over the recent allegations of violating Premier League regulations.

The club has expressed its willingness to cooperate with an independent commission tasked with reviewing the matter.

The club believes that it has a strong case, supported by ample evidence. They hope that the review will help resolve the issue once and for all.

Over the years, Manchester City has established itself as one of the top football clubs globally, ranking as the second best in Europe, ahead of well-known clubs like Manchester United, Barcelona, and Real Madrid.

In recent years, the club faced a ban from the Champions League for violating financial fair play rules.

However, the ban was later overturned following an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The allegations have sparked anger among rival Premier League clubs, who are demanding a swift resolution and appropriate punishment before the end of the current season.

Some club officials have argued that if the charges are substantiated, the only appropriate punishment would be relegation.

They believe that the Premier League should take decisive action to address the alleged abuses that have taken place over the past decade.

The only time a club in the Premier League faced a points deduction was in 1997 with Middlesbrough.

They were penalized three points for not finishing a match against Blackburn, which resulted in their relegation.

Since then, league authorities have avoided imposing similar penalties. In 2006, an independent commission evaluated the Carlos Tevez case and concluded that while West Ham deserved to lose points, it would have been unjust for the fans, as it would have ensured relegation.

If points are deducted retrospectively, it could result in substantial compensation claims worth millions from clubs that would have finished higher in those seasons.

For instance, a one-point deduction in the 2015-16 season would have allowed Manchester United to surpass City and receive a Champions League windfall worth over £40 million.

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