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Top 10 Footballers with most followers on Instagram

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Top 10 Footballers with most instagram followers

Top 10 Footballers with most followers on Instagram with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo dominate the social media.

In the world of football, talent isn’t just measured by goals on the pitch, but also by the number of followers on Instagram. Let’s take a peek into the Instagram accounts of the top 10 footballers who are kicking it off with the largest fan bases.

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First of all, let’s kick off with some notable names that would not make the list despite their massive fan bases. They are some legendaries who already retired from football.

Top footballers with most instagram followers
Top footballers with most instagram followers

Gareth Bale (53.2m followers)

Welsh wizard Gareth Bale kicks off our Instagram All-Stars list with style.

Bale is recognized as one of the best players in the past two decades, having won numerous titles with Real Madrid, and scored brilliant goals. He was also the key player that brought Wales to the World Cup finals for the first time in almost a century.

Paul Pogba (61.3m followers)

Pogba used to make the Ballon d’Or nominees in 2014/15 season, in which he was a dynamite on the pitch, rocking the Juventus kit. He also played pivotal role in France’s World Cup 2018 winners.

Expect a mix of eye-catching hairstyles, flashy dance moves, and glimpses of his unique personality. Pogba’s feed is a carnival of charisma that keeps fans hitting that follow button. He may have lost his glory with injuries and scandals on and off the pitch, but he is still an instagram phenomenon.

Sergio Ramos (62.8m followers)

Captain Marvel of Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, dominates both on the field and on Instagram. His account is a rollercoaster ride of football glory, intense training sessions, and snapshots of his stylish off-duty looks. Ramos’ followers get a VIP pass to the world of a football rockstar. After earning his legendary status with Real Madrid, Ramos found a way back to the club where he started the decorated career: Sevilla.

Mohamed Salah (63.5m followers)

The Egyptian King, Mohamed Salah, rules not just the pitch but also the Instagram game. Salah’s feed is a visual feast of breathtaking goals, heartwarming family moments, and glimpses into his philanthropic endeavors. It’s a holistic view of a football star with a heart of gold.

Marcelo (67.5m followers)

Former Real Madrid’s charismatic left-back, Marcelo, brings the samba flair to Instagram. From on-field brilliance to behind-the-scenes locker room banter, Marcelo’s account is a carnival of football festivities. His infectious energy extends beyond the pitch and captivates followers worldwide.

Karim Benzema (75.6m followers)

The French hitman, Karim Benzema, not only scores goals for fun but also scores big on Instagram. His feed is a mix of elegant finishes, glimpses of his lavish lifestyle, and the occasional flash of his dapper fashion sense. Benzema’s account is a goal celebration in the digital realm. Benzema is among the very few footballers won the Ballon d’Or after the era of Ronaldo and Messi.

Kylian Mbappe (112m followers)

The young prodigy, Kylian Mbappe, isn’t just leaving defenders in his wake; he’s also leaving a mark on Instagram. His account is a vibrant canvas of electrifying goals, playful moments with teammates, and a peek into his life as one of football’s brightest stars. Following Mbappe is like having a front-row seat to the future of football.

Neymar (220m followers)

The Brazilian showstopper, Neymar, takes Instagram by storm with his flamboyant lifestyle and dazzling skills. From dazzling goals to extravagant parties and a glimpse into his jet-setting life, Neymar’s feed is a carnival of entertainment that has captivated over 220 million fans.

Lionel Messi (500m followers)

Lionel Messi, the Argentine wizard and World Cup 2022 winner, has not just conquered the football world but also the Instagram universe. With half a billion followers, Messi’s account is a mosaic of magical goals, family snapshots, and rare glimpses into the life of one of the greatest footballers of all time.

In 2023, the former Barcelona superstar was Time’s Athlete of the year, completed a wonder year with his 8th Ballon d’Or – a world record.

Cristiano Ronaldo (623m followers)

The undisputed king of Instagram in the football realm, Cristiano Ronaldo’s account is a digital empire. From jaw-dropping goals to rigorous workout routines, family moments, and his impeccable fashion sense, Ronaldo’s Instagram is a masterclass in personal branding and engaging with fans. With over 623 million followers, he is the GOAT both on and off the pitch (is he?).

Records made when Messi and Ronaldo transfers announced on Instagram
Records made when Messi and Ronaldo transfers announced on Instagram and X/Twitter

These footballers aren’t just scoring goals; they’re scoring millions of followers on Instagram, creating a digital legacy that complements their on-field brilliance. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, make sure you’re following these Instagram All-Stars for a front-row seat to the spectacle that is modern football.

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