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Adam Gilchrist gives honest take on Hardik Pandya as MI skipper

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Australian legend Adam Gilchrist gave his honest take on Hardik Pandya as the current captain for Mumbai Indians skipper.

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Gilchrist give honest take

In his previous interview, Gilchrist defended Pandya from his detractors before the IPL 2024 tournament kicked off.

The former wicket-keeper said he knows what it feels like to receive a lot of backlash from the fans.

“I got hammered on to the field. And all the way off. So I know what (Hardik) feels like, I will just get on to Hardik, and I will get him through…I am the boo whisperer, I know how to get inside their minds and just get them through,” he said

“I will get on to Hardik, I have sent that message to MS, I will keep you posted on that and I will get him on and we can get inside his mind and help him, dig out of the trouble they are in.”

However, Mumbai Indians have won just three out of their eight matches, and the boos only grow louder towards Pandya.

This time, Gilchrist criticized Pandya for his adjustments and strategy.

“I am not seeing him strategically getting it right. I think some batting positional changes, some bowling changes at certain times, just overall strategy, I don’t think as captain he’s quite got it right,” Gilchrist said on Criccbuzz.

Although the Indians are not yet out of the contention, reaching the IPL 2024 playoffs will be an uphill battle for the team.

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