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Shubman Gill to focus on IPL 2024 over T20 World Cup Selection

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Gujarat Titans skipper Shubman Gill said he is focused on his IPL campaign first over the T20 World Cup selection.

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Gill to focus on IPL 2024 first over T20 World Cup

Gill, 24, said he wants to prioritize his team first.

According to Gill, he will be doing injusitce to his team and himself if he thinks about the World Cup.

“Playing for India is the biggest thing,” Gill told PTI in an interview. “But if I start thinking about the World Cup, then I will be doing injustice to my current team (GT) and myself.”

“If I have to be picked for the T20 World Cup, I will be picked. But right now, my focus is on IPL and how to get the best out of my team and perform the best for my team which also helps my players.”

Make no mistake, Gill dreams of playing “the biggest stage of T20 cricket” to represent the country.

However, the young batsmen does not want to get ahead of himself with the selections.

“Obviously as a player, I want to be there and play the World Cup. I want to get that opportunity to represent my country at the highest level – the biggest stage of T20 cricket.”

“Having played in a World Cup last year, I have had my share of experiences. It would be great to be able to play another World Cup. But I am not thinking that far ahead,” he added.

Although he wished the best of luck to the players who will be picked, Gill subtly made a case for himself.

“I have scored almost 900 runs last season and if I had to be picked, I will be picked if not (then) best of luck to those who are picked,” Gill said.

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