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Rubiales to face trial over World Cup non-consensual kiss

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Former Spansh football boss Luis Rubiales will face trial over a non-consensual kiss on forward Jenni Hermoso during the Women’s World Cup.

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Spanish judge ruled the kiss as “unconsented”

A Spanish judge ruled that Rubiales’ kiss was “unconsented and carried out unilaterally and in a surprising fashion” by Rubiales.

The judge also ordered former women’s coach Jorge Vilda and two other federation officials to stand on trial for pressuring Hermoso “to make a public statement affirming that the kiss was consensual.”

Hermoso, Spain’s all-time leading scorer, testified before the investigative judge this month.

It started with a kiss

It started when Spain players received their gold medals from major political and football figures after their victory over England.

Former Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) Rubiales then started to smack Hermoso on the lips.

The incident sparked immediate outrage in Spain and all around the world over the non-consensual kiss.

The 46-year-old Rubiales repeatedly insisted that the kiss was “mutual” — a claim that Hermoso disputed.

Under Spanish law, a non-consensual kiss can be considered sexual assault.

Penalties for sexual assault range from a fine to four years in prison.

Meanwhile, Hermoso, 33, received countless support from the country.

Spain’s women’s football team even refused to play until Rubiales resigned from his post.

Rubiales eventually resigned from his position in August, the same month that the incident occurred.

FIFA banned Rubiales for three years until after the men’s 2026 World Cup.

The ban will expire before the next women’s tournament in 2027. 

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