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Spain’s Hermoso breaks silence on World Cup kiss

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Spain’s Jenni Hermoso broke her silence about the aftermath of the kiss saga that overshadowed the team’s World Cup victory.

Hermoso, 33, saw herself receiving an unsolicited kiss from former team president Luis Rubiales.

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‘It still hurts’

The midfielder said “it still hurts” that she was left out from Spain’s women’s national football team roster in September.

Newly hired coach Montse Tomé said the exclusion was the “best way to protect her,” per USA Today.

Hermoso returned to the team in October and scored an 89th-minute winner against Italy in the UEFA Nations League.

“I didn’t get it, and I will never understand it,” Hermoso said ahead of Spain’s clash against France in the final, per ESPN’s report.

“It hurt, and it still hurts, but it’s something that has happened now, and the best thing for me is to be here, wearing the shirt again and playing another final.”

A lot has happened off the pitch, with Rubiales getting banned from football by FIFA and facing a possible criminal trial in Spain after the non-consensual kiss he gave to Hermoso.

Football gives her ‘life’

Despite the ordeal, Hermoso, who plays club football for Mexican side Tigres, said that football has been her safe space.

“The last news conference I gave was before the World Cup semifinal. A lot has happened since then – it’s hard to know what to say,” said the Spain’s all-time leading scorer.

“I have changed a lot, personally and in a football sense. It has all served to make me stronger. I have learned a lot, and I am lucky to be back in another final after six long months.”

“For me, it’s important to play another final and to continue here [with the national team]. I feel good, football continues to give me the life I need, and I continue to enjoy this sport.”

Elsewhere, Spain defeated France to become the inaugural UEFA Nations League champion. The squad also qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics prior to the championship.

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